Free Zemana Anti Malware for all OF YOU* by Erdal Ozkaya

Zemana is one of my favorite Anti Malware products,

Which is known to being simple , effective and fast.

And here is the real good news for you , in partnership of Zemana, I can give all of you a FREE license for up to ONE YEAR. All what you have to do is , follow me at Twitter or like my public Facebook page , if not add me in at LinkedIn and I will send you your key

          Facebook :

          Twitter   :

          LinkedIn :

Once you do that, go to Zemana web site (, download the Anti Malware ( and copy the license key which I will send you.

That’s it, enjoy and BE SAFE


How does Zemana works?

Zemana has XL Microsoft Azure Servers which are totally optimized for parallel scanning and all the scanning is performed in the cloud. So, your PC is just a thin client in this scenario and unlike other scanners they don’t use your PC’s resources, plus there are no signature database updates and other old-school AV engine traditions. It is a true cloud antimalware.

For more info check their web site


***Terms and Conditions****

This offer is only valid for the first 5000 participants , and its Valid first come, first served based. This offer may end without notice, the offer cannot be exchanged for cash. The installation of the software will be your responsibility, the offer is as is and Erdal Ozkaya will not be liable for any damage or loss.

No protection software will completely guarantee against unauthorized access or virus contamination, but it may increase the security of your computer systems.

Erdal Ozkaya does not receive commission from the sale of any software.

If you need any support regarding the SOFTWARE please visit Zemana’s Support Web Site:


The article was originally published by Erdal OzkayaErdal Ozkaya Personal Blog on May 28th, 2015. It is reproduced on this blog with an author’s permission.


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