Uebi i Javës: Microsoft Virtual Academy

Virtual Academy

Get Started with Microsoft Virtual Academy

Microsoft Virtual Academy training courses are available to Developers and IT Professionals who want to expand their career horizons. Whether your goal is to learn Microsoft Office 365 figure out the fundamentals of software development, learn Microsoft Azure, have a go at app development, or something else entirely, MVA provides exactly what you need to deepen your knowledge. Discover how to get started today

  1. Create a Microsoft Virtual Academy Profile

MVA is free for anybody interested in advancing their career through training on Microsoft technologies. You can watch or download up to three pieces of content (such as videos, slides, Q&A transcripts) without signing in, but to get full access to all videos and training resources available, including our live, interactive events, you will need to use a Microsoft account and create an MVA profile. Your profile will become a record of the time you invest here, including the certificates of completion for the courses you take.

2. Watch courses or attend a live event to build your skills

To get started, simply pick a course that interests you and begin watching the videos in each module. You’ll be able to download the presentations and also test your learning with quizzes. Once you have completed every action in a course, you will get a certificate of completion. When you attend a live event, you also have real time access to experts who can answer your questions during the training.

3. Track your progress and get recognized

On My Dashboard, you can manage personal learning plans and see how much of each course you have completed so that you can chart a course towards your goals. My Dashboard also records points for your learning actions and completed courses, and stores your certificates of completion which are available for you to download and print. Your point total reflects the commitment you’ve made to skilling up and lets you see how you compare to other students in your country and globally.

Shpresoj që ky postim të jetë informues për ju të dashur lexues.

paqe dhe shëndet,


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