Free Microsoft Press eBooks July 2017

by Ed Tittel

From time to time, Microsoft Press offers free eBooks to interested readers for their download and use. Recently, Sales Director Eric Ligman posted a whopper of an offer. It appears in an MSDN blog entitled “Free! Multi-Million eBook Giveaway!” I count a total of 252 titles in this list of free Microsoft Press eBooks July 2017. That’s a LOT of free books, perhaps enough to justify two exclamation points in Ligman’s title.

Perhaps this isn’t pure hyperbole: lots of interesting stuff for FREE!

Here’s how the total list breaks down by category. After that, I’ll recite the Windows Client (mostly Windows 10-related) books on offer:

Like I said, that’s a LOT of books. I know those who read this blog are interested in Windows Client. (“Desktop OS” is mostly what that means.) So, here’s a complete list of those items. It’s reproduced verbatim from the MSDN blog post.(Click on any format ID in the right column for a corresponding download link):

When facing this kind of largesse, I’m reminded of an old rule for eating in a military cafeteria. It goes like this: “Take all you want, but eat all you take.” Or read, as in this case… Enjoy!


The article was originally written by Ed Tittel and published by IT Knowledge Exchange on July 14th, 2017. It is reproduced on this blog with an author’s permission.

Dear readers, hope you’ll find this post informative.

peace and blessings,


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