Installing Windows Server 2019 Preview

Windows Server 2019 is an operating system under development by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems designed for servers. [Wikipedia] On July 31, 2018, Microsoft released 10.0.17723 build that brings the following new functionalities:

  • System Insights that enables developers, including Microsoft and third parties, to create and deliver new capabilities mid-release to address the scenarios you care about.
  • Deploying Kubernetes on Windows Server which is an orchestration tool for containers (see What are Containers) that makes deployment and management intuitive, scalable, and effective.
  • Congestion Control with LEDBAT (Latency Optimized Background Transport) that brings a latency optimized, network congestion control provider which scavenges whatever network bandwidth is available on the network, and uses it.

Welcome to the 3 minutes video series! This time the installation of Windows Server 2019 Preview is being presented. If you have already installed Microsoft operating system, then this will not be a novelty for you. But if this is the first time you want to install Microsoft operating system, then do not get annoyed as Windows Setup will take care of the installation process for you. Enjoy installing Windows Server 2019 Preview!

Watch it on YouTube

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