Welcome to Dautti.com web portal!

Welcome to yours and ours web portal!

This is our first post on this web portal so in the following lines we will try to tell you who we are, why we are publishing, what will this web portal offer, and why you should comment?

Dautti, is a startup company that aims to make a modest contribution to the education of society in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Despite being a startup, we have a knowledgeable and experienced staff.

A wise word says, “Everything that is shared is decreased, except the wisdom which when shared is increased.” That is why we have decided to share knowledge with you. That way, we hope that this web portal will be a bridge for you so you can reach the latest knowledge in ICT.

From hardware components to computer systems, from program instructions to computer applications, from electrical signals to bits, from bits to the Internet communications. All of that and many more will be offered on this portal.

Dear readers, what gives shape to this portal are your comments. Therefore, with your comments, we ask you to give your active contribution in shaping this web portal. On this occasion, thank you in advance for your contribution!

Peace with you.


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